3 new features to facilitate video campaigns

Stéphane Grenier, Managing Director at Amazon Ads France

Stéphane Grenier and his teams support advertisers and their agencies in the development of their brands and the digital transformation of their organizations. Stéphane Grenier spent 16 years at L’Oréal in various marketing and general management positions in France, the Philippines, South Africa and Italy. He then became CEO of Miller Harris and Murdock London in the United Kingdom before joining the Amazon France team in 2016 as Category Director.

Stéphane Grenier, Managing Director at Amazon Ads in France explains in more detail how these new advertising solutions work, unveiled during Amazon Ads UnBoxed 2022. Stéphane Grenier also talks with us about advertising on Twitch and shares some examples of successful brand campaigns .

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to create and distribute video content and bring the power of video advertising to more brands, regardless of size or level of resources.

The 3 new advertising solutions from Amazon

1. The introduction of video in the Sponsored Display self-service solution

New service makes it easy for advertisers of all sizes, including small brands and emerging brands, to create video campaigns to showcase their products, promote their brand stories, to the millions of customers on Amazon, and everywhere on the Web. Brands can run immersive video ads, such as tutorials, demos, product unboxings, and user testimonials, and measure campaign performance.

2. Sponsored Display video creative

Amazon Creative Services, now available in 8 countries, is a new offering that allows advertisers to discover, compare and book directly from trusted providers, the creation of impactful videos such as Sponsored Brand, Streaming TV and Sponsored Display, as well as than other creative resources. Brands can search and filter services based on their needs, view reviews and samples, and connect directly with vendors for end-to-end creative fulfillment, all within Amazon’s Advertising Console. Creative services simplify the creative production process for advertisers and enable more multi-channel or upstream marketing. The use of the service is free and no minimum commitment is required to book. All services offer a moderation guarantee to ensure compliance with Amazon Ads policy.

3. Amazon Video builder

This service allows advertisers to easily create videos in less than 10 minutes at no additional cost. Concretely, it’s about creating videos for their Amazon Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display advertising campaigns thanks to ready-to-use customizable templates, as you can see in the image above. This program is launched in extended public beta.

Here are examples of video templates with Amazon Video Builder. © Amazon

Amazon Ads allows you to target an audience on Amazon but also on other platforms. Can you tell us more?

With Streaming TV ads, we believe we can add value to our customers and advertisers by enabling them to benefit from quality ad-supported content, helping advertisers effectively reach relevant audiences at scale. , and engaging viewers through reimagined and interactive ad experiences.

For example, brands can engage with audiences on Twitch, there are over 31 million daily visitors to Twitch globally, and the Twitch community has watched over 1.3 trillion minutes of streaming content online. 2021. We have a lot of Twitch fans here in France too. Twitch is the ultimate livestreaming destination, providing a place where brands, audiences and content creators can connect in real time. We support several brands to launch campaigns on Twitch.

An example of a banner ad on Twitch. © Amazon

Do you have examples of successful advertising campaigns?

1. Pringles Twitch Ad Campaign

To continue to authentically build the connection between Pringles and gaming, the brand has erased the boundaries between entertainment and advertising by surprisingly and entertainingly integrating the product during a Twitch livestream. Pringles arranged for Frank, a zombie character co-created with West of Dead video game studios, to exit the game live and on popular Twitch creator Leahviathan’s stream as she opened a bag of Pringles. After the escape, Frank and Leahviathan spent the livestream chatting, playing games and, of course, eating Pringles. Frank then took the show across Europe, and viewers watched the zombie-potato snack collaboration for 9.9 million minutes. To learn more, visit the Amazon Ads blog.

How Frank, the Pringles-eating zombie, became a celebrity on Twitch. © Amazon

2. Groupe SEB advertising campaign on Twitch for Amazon Prime Days

Rowenta collaborated with famous Twitch streamer AVAMind for the Prime Day event. During a 2-hour livestream sponsored on her channel, the influencer introduced the Rowenta X-Plorer Series 75 robot vacuum cleaner. During this live streaming session, she presented key arguments and a mapping of her apartment made by the vacuum cleaner. To align with Twitch’s principles of interactivity, she asked viewers for nicknames to give the device before voting for their favorite, namely Zima, in reference to the Love Death & Robots series.

The live video was a hit, with over 2 million views and 85% saves. © Amazon

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